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At Ekino, protecting your personal data is a priority!

During browsing by the User (or “You”, “Your”) on the EKINO website “WebSite”), cookies or other tracers or similar technologies (hereinafter “cookies”) may be installed in the User’s browser subject to the choices and options that the User has expressed or may express at any time in accordance with this Cookie Policy. These cookies may be collected and used by Ekino (the “Company”) – these so-called proprietary cookies and their purpose are identified below. Third-party companies may also use cookies on our Website – these third-party cookies are also listed below.


A cookie is a small file for the storage and recovery of information, usually made up of alphanumeric characters (see letters and numbers), placed by a web server on the User’s computer or electronic device to send status information to said browser and obtain the same information back from the browser. For example, status information may be a session ID, language, expiry date, field of response, etc.

Cookies usually allow to obtain certain information about the user’s browsing habits, his/her computer or his/her device, in order to improve the content and service offered by the website in question, to know the traffic of the said website and to provide Internet users with personalised services.

The concept of cookies as used in this Cookies policy covers all types of trackers or similar technologies, for example:

  • HTTP cookies;
  • but also the use of other techniques:
    • local shared objects sometimes called “Flash cookies”;
    • the local storage implemented within HTML 5;
    • device fingerprinting;
    • IDs generated by the operating systems (whether advertising or not: IDFA, IDFV, Android ID, etc.);
    • material IDs (MAC address, serial number or any other device ID).

In any event, cookies may be:


There are two main categories of cookies, subject to different legal regimes.

a) Strictly necessary cookies

The sole purpose of strictly necessary cookies is (i) to enable or facilitate electronic communication on, from or to the Website or (ii) to enable the provision of an online communication service at the express request of the Website User.

Without them, the registration of services and connection are not possible or in a degraded mode.  If You deactivate these cookies using the functions offered by Your browser, You may not be able to access the Website, and/or You may not correctly receive the content and information available on the Website and/or You may not be able to take advantage of all the Website’s functions.

b) Other cookies

Statistical cookies: these cookies make it possible to compile statistics and volumes of visits to and use of the various elements making up the Website and application (sections and content visited, route, visiting time), in order to improve the interest and ergonomics of the services.

The use of these statistical cookies is subject in principle to the prior consent of the User, who is free to either (i) accept them by expressly consenting to their installation and reading in his/her browser, or (ii) refuse them.

Interaction and social network cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to enable the User to view or listen directly on our Website to multimedia content hosted on social networks or platforms.

The use of these interaction and social network cookies, including if they come from third-party companies, is subject in principle to the prior consent of the User, who may freely (i) either accept them by expressly consenting to their installation and reading in his/her browser (it being specified that the User will then have the option of withdrawing his/her consent at any time under the terms and conditions set out in article 4 below), (ii) or refuse them.



Our Website collects cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of the Website and are not subject to prior consent in accordance with the provisions set out above.


The Website uses audience measurement services necessary for the operation of the Website, allowing its proper administration and the evaluation of the ergonomics of the Website. The Company has chosen to use the services of Matomo, the Matomo Analytics version 4 solution, which complies with the configuration guides issued by the CNIL and is exempt from consent. As these cookies are not subject to the user’s consent, the settings tool offers the possibility of refusing (opt-out) these cookies.


Third-party may also use performance cookies, enabling them to obtain statistics and measure the audience for content included on our Website. These third-party cookies are subject to your consent. We invite you to refer to the cookies and confidentiality policies of these third-party companies for any additional information on their cookies.


Our Website may also use third-party cookies subject to consent. Some multimedia content on our Website is hosted on sharing platforms. Viewing or accessing this content is subject to acceptance of cookies storing the User’s reading preferences for the embedded content. Refusal of third-party cookies may make it impossible to view or listen to certain content embedded on our Website.


You can technically block all these cookies by using your browser settings (see paragraph 5 – b) Alternative – Cookie management settings via browsers) but your experience on the Website may be degraded.

Your choices regarding consent to cookies are retained for a period of 6 months. The information collected via cookies is kept by Ekino for a maximum of 25 months, in accordance with current regulations.

Details of the cookies used are given below.


1. Strictly necessary cookies : These “operating” cookies enable the Website to function optimally and to provide you with certain online services at your request. These cookies cannot be deactivated from our systems. The User may refuse to accept them and delete them by using their browser settings (see below). However, as indicated above, in this case, the User experience may be degraded.

Name of cookie (name of publisher / depositor)PurposeCategory Service life
1.1cmplz_consented_services, cmplz_functionnal, cmplz_marketing, cmplz_preferences, cmplz_statistics (ComplianzCookies used to store cookie consent preferences
To find out more, click here:
First party10 days
1.2cmplz_banner-status (Complianz)Cookie used to keep track of whether the cookie banner has been hidden
First party10 days
1.3cmplz_policy_id (Complianz)Cookie used to store the ID of the accepted cookie policy
First party10 days
1.4uide (Complianz)Cookie used to store a unique user identifier.
First Party1 year

Name of cookie (name of publisher / depositor)
CategoryService life
2.1_pk_id (Matomo)Cookie used to compile statistics on use of the Website and to store a unique user identifier. To find out more, click here:  First Party3 months and 5 days
2.2_pk_ses(Matomo)Cookie used to compile Website usage statistics and to store browsing data. To find out more, click here:  First PartySession duration
2.3_pk_ref (Matomo)Cookie used to compile Website usage statistics and store browsing data. To find out more, click here:  First Party6 months
2.4mtm_consent ; mtm_cookie_consent (Matomo)Cookies used to record and store information relating to the user’s choices (consent, withdrawal of consent). To find out more, click here:  First Party 6 months
matomo_sessid (Matomo)Cookie used to prevent fraudFirst party14 days

3. Performance cookies : As the Website includes content hosted on third-party domains, the third-party companies that publish these domains may use performance cookies on our Website. As these third-party cookies are set by third-party companies, we are in no way involved in their installation or operation and we have no access to or control over these cookies. These cookies are subject to their own cookie policies, which are accessible on the websites of these companies and identified below.

Name of cookie (name of publisher / depositor)PurposeCategory
Service life
3.1_ga_7JYT788PK; _ga (Medium)Cookies used to distinguish unique visitors to the Medium website by assigning a randomly generated number as a user ID. This number is updated on each page view and is used to calculate the number of visitors, sessions, etc.  Third-party cookie – Medium   To find out more, click here: 1 year and 1 month

4. Interaction or social network cookies : In particular, these cookies make it possible to view and listen to third-party content integrated into our Website and hosted on social networks or third-party content-sharing platforms. They may also enable these third-party companies to obtain information for personalising their editorial content or for personalising advertising. These cookies are in particular placed by Medium, when the User wishes to read articles published on the Medium website, or by LinkedIn. As these third-party cookies are set by third-party companies, we are in no way involved in their installation or operation and we have no access to or control over these cookies. These cookies are subject to their own cookie policies which are available on the websites of these companies and identified below.

Name of cookie (name of publisher / depositor)PurposeCategoryService life
4.1Sid (Medium)Cookie used to display advertisements or retargeting and to prevent fraud.Third-party cookie – Medium   To find out more, click here: year and 1 month
4.2OptanonAlertBoxClosed (Spotify)This cookie is set after visitors have seen a cookie information notice and, in some cases, only when they actively close the notice. It allows the website not to show the message more than once to a user. Third-party: Spotify
For more information:
2 months and 20 days
4.3OptanonConsent (Spotify)Cookie used to store consent preferences for the use of cookies2 months and 20 days
4.4eupubconsent-v2 (Spotify)Cookie used to store information for remarketing purposes2 months and 20 days
4.5sp_landing (Spotify)Cookies used to provide functions from one page to another2 months and 20 days
4.6sp_t (Spotify)Cookies used to provide functions across all pages1 year


a) Description of the Cookie Management Module:

The Cookie Management Module is accessible on all the pages of our Website.

Using the buttons (allow, disallow), You can inform Us of Your choices regarding the use of cookies so that we can deposit and read cookies on Your computer or other device in accordance with these choices. We invite You to refer to the respective cookie policies of the third party companies Matomo, Complianz, Medium, LinkedIn to express Your choice regarding the deposit of audience measurement cookies.

b) Alternative – Cookie management setting via the browsers

Each web browser has different settings for managing cookies.

For example:

However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that :

  • do not all allow you to distinguish between cookies according to their purpose (as a result, you are often obliged to configure your choices to “accept all” or “reject all”) ;
  • do not all allow the User to express valid consent (which means that despite your consent to cookies via your browser, we will ask you again for specific consent under the conditions and according to the methods described above before any cookies subject to your consent are installed/read by us);
  • do not all allow you to choose technologies other than “cookies for tracking purposes” in the strict sense of the term. It is therefore possible that certain cookies, tracers or other similar technologies are not blocked on principle (e.g. device fingerprinting) and may still be installed and/or activated despite your refusal expressed in the settings of your browser .

However, if you decide to prohibit cookies, we cannot be held responsible for any degradation in the functioning of the Website as a result of the settings you have chosen.

Finally, if you have deactivated one or more cookies, we can still use the information collected by these cookies before they were deactivated. However, we will stop collecting data via the cookie that was refused.

c) Use of third-party tools available online

You can obtain information on how to control your data when browsing the Internet on the website of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés or “CNIL” (, in particular In this respect, third-party cookies are not usually necessary to take advantage of the resources available on the Internet. If you wish to limit your traces, it is recommended that you refuse them by default, by referring to the CNIL’s advice.


If you have any questions about this Policy, you can contact our Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) :

  • by email:
  • by post: EKINO – Data Protection Officer – 9 rue de l’Ancien Canal 93500 Pantin.


This Policy forms part of our Privacy Policy and may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our privacy practices and to comply with legal requirements.