Ideas that make us different

Holistic and pragmatic

At MFG Labs, we have been doing data science and data projects from our very beginning in 2009. We have already implemented hundred of projects in the real world. We fully value how transformational a data project could be.

We also know how hard a data transformation can be. We have been facing a lot of obstacles inherent to any data transformation and data project. We have experienced with various clients what it takes to become a data-driven company, the broad changes that leaders must commit to implement in their company in order to ensure adoption. We understand how transversal is such a challenge. And we would like to help other businesses take this path too.

We have been adding capabilities to our operating model to ensure that we can fully help our client to be successful in their data transformation projects. From strategy to implementation, our full-stack and multi-disciplinary team is able to help you tackle your challenges as a whole, from any perspective. Our team consists of a mix of technologists, data scientists, designers and consultants, all working hand-in-hand to tackle your simple or complex problems with an holistic view. We are convinced that we assembled the right mix of talents to solve your challenges, we shape our organization to make sure that we help any client deliver the most of their projects, and create value from it. We are solutions makers, we go beyond off-the-shelf softwares and models to create unique solutions that meet your needs, and we help you implement them.